Blue Dasher Dragonfly

At the pond, the most common Dragonfly is the Blue Dasher Dragonfly. They are only about 1.5″ long and are usually very active when it gets sunny and hot out. At times there are over 25 buzzing around continuously, giving plenty of photo opportunities. They are always taking off to get a flying small insect for a meal, then landing to finish eating. They are interacting with each other, chasing each other, perching on grasses, reeds, flowers, & other plants (or an occasional camera lens). They are also chasing other types of Dragonflies, maybe protecting their turf, so to speak. They seem to leave the damselflies alone, except for occasionally eating one. They usually perch horizontally, often returning to the same general area to perch, if not the exact same spot. Sometimes you can get landings by pre-focusing on that spot waiting for them to return.

_43G6039 pond blue dasher v1


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